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Artist & Printmaker 

Art is a constant in Tinayre's life, whether teaching, printmaking, or painting it is part of her day. Known for her bold, colourful, linocut prints and use of colour to express the beauty she sees on her doorstep and sometimes a little further afield.

Graduating with a B.A.(Hons) degree in Graphic Design from Norwich University of Arts, Tinayre's graphic roots shine through her printing practice. 

The unpredictable element of printmaking and the technical skill of manipulating the ink to create unique art inspires her.

Tinayre's paintings are also all about colour, as she is fascinated by colour behaviour.

Tinayre has spent many years teaching art through a mental health charity and finds it most rewarding when it starts to improve mental wellbeing.

She states "Art should be shared and enjoyed by everyone, what ever skill level they possess!"

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